Osian Grifford

concentration camp colours.jpg


This is the unpolished blog of Osian Grifford.

For my website, please go to: http://www.osiangrifford.com/

I am a Cardiff and Bristol based illustrator with interests in Comedy theory, morality-shifts, comic book narratives, and social commentary.

My canvas paintings (used as the cover image for this page) borrow from comic-book simplification and baroque romanticism to depict casual hedonism framed with nods towards a social conscience. If the narratives depicted are serious then they are tragedies, but if they are comedic then there is probably room for affection.

 I have strong interests in comedy and it’s history in western culture. Whilst at Cardiff School of art and Design I wrote my dissertation on the connection between humour, cultural truths and morality, and my reading and exploration of these links has not stopped since.

Browse this blog for recent art work, thoughts, processes  and reflections on my own and other’s works.

For my website, please go to: http://www.osiangrifford.com/

Find Osian Grifford’s back catalogue on  : https://www.flickr.com/photos/97473538@N02/?

Or on Facebook at :



2 Comments on “Osian Grifford”

  1. Really distinctive and startling work, and a unique contribution to and discourse on what’s happening in the world.

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