Closing down storms

My illustration for the Kaplan Calendar 2014 Competition. Content guidelines were quite strict. The intended size for the piece probably means that the street of closed shops in the background arent apparent. Trying to make an image thought-provoking without being sarcastic, ironic or pessimistic (it was a strict brief) is quite difficult on such a small scale ( 95mm by 114mm) but i’m happy with the image.

tara kaplan calander

The contrasts in colours enhances the content: the bright coloured figure girl is happy. The bird eats from her hand and it is all she focuses on as her umbrella protects her from the harsh rainstorm. The blue background is a commercial street with all the shops closing down and selling up.

I’m pleased with the textures and colours of this image. it has a 60’s illustration feel to it. Though it is politically cynical, it is defiant in it’s focus on the nice.  I think my wanting to create this sentiment in an image comes from the contrast between what people were being told was the climate of Britain, economically, and people’s reaction to it. Basically, Woolworth’s and Virgin Megastores have shut down,  Poundland is selling crap versions of everything we used to buy, and you’re competing with many other Uni graduates for a bar job at Weatherspoons but so far, it’s not affected people’s enthusiastic indulgences in their social lives and hobbies.



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