Encouraged and inspired by : 2000AD/Dredd Artwork.

I’ve been going through some comic books that i own looking for graphic inspiration. One of my favourite ever illustrations for a comic story is Simon Bisley’s work for ‘The Great Arsoli‘ A dredd comic strip in issue 15 of Judge Dredd megazine from 1996 (The page on the left). Bisley’s Work for Dredd is always very chaotic looking. The foreground has detailed colourful, high contast figures, comically exaggerated to suit their purpose to the narrative. Whereas the foreground conforms to comic convention in it’s bold block colours, the backgrounds are crude outlines in black ink over watered-down-ink dirtied paper. Quite cartoonish but the proportions and steadiness of the lines are consistent. The pages are very busy, but holding from adding strong colours to the background drawings leaves it looking very pleasing.

More recently, I bought ‘Judge Anderson: The psi files volume 3‘ A 2000AD comic compilation first printed last year. One of it’s Artists, Steve Sampson (The page on the right)  draws very spacious, simple images. The inks are mostly used in block and the background is usually very spacious and organised or it is left blank. His illustrations are very calming and suit some of the narrative but tends to contradict the excitement encouraged by the text sound-effects. The appeal of Sampson’s images for this story is that they aren’t very typical of a comic book story; The POV tends to be from standard head hight. This gives the story a more journalistic, matter-of-fact feel.



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