The Creator’s Creative Enthusiasm

On Richard herring’s Leicester square podcasts, speaking to comedy writer, John Lloyd:

Richard herring: “I can’t see, if there is a creator, why he’s bothered doing it… what;s in it for them?”
John LLoyd: Well just playing devil’s advocate “what do you and i know about creativity and how it works? what it is, is a series of fudges and improvements isn’t it. You try something and it doesnt quite work, you try your stand-up in a little pub and u try a bit more until u find a bit that works and you go ”ooh that bit works, ill have that’ until eventually if you’re lucky you have an hour long set. and that’s how creativity works… The idea (among atheists) is that there cant be a creator because there’s so many mistakes but that would lead me to think then that’s probably because it’s a created universe, because you can see the errors and the try-outs and so on. “

Just listening to John Lloyd’s inquisitive mind at work, defending his stance against atheism.. Liked it enough to quote but am too tired to into what i want to take from it at the moment so i’ll edit this tomorrow i think…

Two days later:

Regarding god’s creative experiment:

I imagine a cloudy universe-like coloured being creating earth and dinosaurs and monkeys and people and then testing odd little creations out, like deal or no deal. ‘will these things I’ve created watch Noel Edmonds dramatise a game which is all about luck as if there are complicated choices to be made?’ yes they will. but it’s crap so back to square one.
‘What about if I invent bone marrow disease? will that help or hinder my creative output….? One way to find out…’
But then one day, god has some children of his own, and whilst he keeps experimenting with earth, he has less and less time for it. As his children get a bit older, his creative ambitions concerning earth get less and less important to him, as he pins his ambitions and hopes on his children, raising them properly so that whatever they contribute to the universe might actually fill the void that god has been trying to fill with us. And so we are left on god’s early art school unfinished projects list that he sort of imagines he’ll get back to in retirement but actually he’ll probably take up gardening instead and eventually, in years to come, die a happy man having raised two beautiful children who have made up for his early attempts in life at creative ideas which never took off.


I’m not sure what to do with this yet.


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