Exhibitionists intentions

I’m currently working on a group of paintings which will have in common a sort of comic book narration. Some, like the large painting below, will also follow the comic book formula of chronological panels.

IMG_6810Some ideas start off with the first person text, for which i have to think of a complimenting image. This particular piece i created from photos of my hometown and photos posed for by my friend james. The only visual intentions I had for this piece whilst painting it was that it should depict someone trying to catch electricity in a storm, with a bulb. I thought of the light bulb as symbolism for ideas, especially in a cartoon-like setting. The background panels show a storm and lightning which eventually strike the wondering man.

I decided to leave the text until last to give me the finished piece to consider before adding the writing.  What i eventually added was a first-person, past-tense narration of someone observing the scene depicted in the painting.  It Ends with the un-PC line ‘I think there was something wrong with him.’ but I  this line is made inoffensive because the perspective of the narrator is an ominous one, as displayed in the first text box: ‘Sat indoors one evening watching Deal or No Deal after having picked all the glass from my knuckles (…)’.

This piece will be part of a group of paintings I’m creating, all roughly exploring narration, perspective and humour. I’m still asking around on where in Cardiff or Brisol I could exhibit.  I’d be happy for any advice on this if anyone hears of good spaces coming up.


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