Lecture on Engineering visual aesthetics

Summary of Lecture given by Amanda Sue Rope:

On the 11:11:13 I attended a lecture by Amanda Sue Rope. She was presenting her illustration history and images and explaining her methods for achieving her images.

Many illustrations shown were calm, precise, urban-looking scenes. very two-dimensional, almost like a cross section of a scene. The colours were usually monochrome, and light in contrasts which added to their calm feel. Lots of pencil-work. Amanda explained that often in print, colour is lost or altered accidentally, so printing a copy for one’s self before submission was advised. 

Playing around with angles and cropping one’s illustrations was advised for when a work looks dissatisfying after having spent lots of time on it. Create invisible lines across the image using objects in the sides of the image pointing inwards. Changing an image to black and white can strengthen what was seemingly becoming a weaker image. 

 Amanda quickly skimmed over some of her work created as an interactive web designer (which she described as a glorified web designer). Obviously requiring some programming knowledge (so: not for all illustrators),  this work, like her illustrations were spacious and angular, showing a lot of the same personality that runs through her other work. 

Advice on how to treat illustration briefs and general illustration ambitions: 

# Start with sketchbook work. Plenty of thumbnail sketches or ‘roughs’ . Very varied – try a few different directions.

# E-mail roughs employer to employer asking which direction they prefer. 

# Ask about palette options. Remember to use colour correction before sending off finished illustration (find the white)

#Treat all your work (personal, commission, editorial) as one evolving practice, constantly learning and pushing in a direction. 



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