Portrait of Rose

More and more with the work I’m putting together for my contextual creative explorations i’m finding that there’s little room for detailed figures and faces. But when i get the time,  I like getting a few photos done using the sunlight from a small window so that the shadow is strong so i can paint a friend in the baroque, grandiose style, artistically glamorising hippy, rave or shabby fashions.

The lighting of the hair and clothes is lifted straight from the comic book art of Glenn Fabry and Simon Bisley; It’s very flat, but holds a lot of attention on a dark canvas, and I think the collaging of this style with the more complex skin-tones emphasises the cut-and-paste nature of our fashions.

The background is consistent with the recurring symbolisms in paintings I have done in the past: the lightbulb versus the sky or natural light. Here the lightbulb is off, with loose cables dangling in a room wallpapered with with cartoon blue sky and clouds, which symbolise a kind of false safe-ness. As I’ve done before, the walls are bloodied or dirtied, to show a cynicism of the safety of indoors, when contrasted with the natural light.
This painting is a bit more optimistic than previous uses of this theme, as the person in the painting is facing the light, rather than the the dark.


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