Depression holiday snaps

samatritan 1 originalDepression holiday snaps
The outcomes to the charity Brief we were set, I chose a charity I respected for being an ear to people who need them. I’ve mostly described what I was going for with these in an earlier post which I’ll quote below, but I’ll add now that turning them into polaroid-style images added an element of entertainment which I don’t think infringes on the empathetic content.
Samaritan 3 original

“After creating and playing with some rough ideas, i thought that these kinds of illustrations that i was thinking up wouldn’t be appealing to someone possibly undergoing depression or anxiety; the kind of people that might call the Bristol Samaritans.  So I thought about the mundane side to everyday life, the kind of things that your focus shifts to when you’re not enjoying existence. Indoors, secluded, banal items like letters addressed to ‘the home-owner’, washing up., the bathroom mirror.”

I might also add that the colour scheme I was going for was one that wold remind people of Van Gough’s palette.

(At this stage I should also mention that I’ve not yet heard back from Bristol Samaritans as to whether they’d be interested in using my illustrations)


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