Making endearment and humour work for YOU.

Making endearment and humour work for YOU.

‘Making Humour Work for You’

In our lecture on using humour in our personal practices we learnt the uses of humour in holding an audiences attention.

The pleasure principal – using humour as a reward for learning because people seek out pleasure even at the expense of resources. Freud stressed the dominance of The Pleasure Principal in our lives, calling it the decider of the purpose of life. Examples of pleasure seeking at the expense of resources are everywhere, and seemingly made into caricatures by addictive personalities.

In this lecture we also discussed forms of presentation such as the PechaKucha, which might encourage the cramming of information, but with The Pleasure Principal in mind, it becomes obvious that entertainment is what is needed to capture the attention of an audience, rather than just an impressive outpouring of information.

A key word here was Endearment. Theo stressed the importance of “contruct(ing) a connection between the designer and the audience/user”.

Here I’m reminded of the Charlie Chaplin 1936 Film ‘Modern times’, which we were shown a few weeks earlier in which the awkward applicability of the strict rules of machinery assembly line to the imperfect human’s use, is represented by the personal plight of one clumsy man on the assembly line. As it was explained to us in our lectures; the aim is to bridge the gap between the technical, and the human.


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