ProCreate App: IPad Colages.

ImageRecently in our ‘Gorrilla in The Roses’ Field Module, we were taken away from tearing into discarded library books from the seventies to tackle a simplified Collage App on the IPad: ProCreate, in a Workshop run by James Green.

We were put into Pairs, and I worked with Louise Davies from the Fine Art course. The App encouraged quite a childlike clumsiness I found, as the screen size doesn’t compensate for the touchscreen mode of drawing/cutting.

Not knowing at all what we could create, but seeing that James’ examples looking quite sleek, I decided to download the opposite of sleek and google search a picture of Noel Edmonds, the soft-humoured TV presenter, who’s face, style and humour seems to me very out of place in the modern world. Image

We accomplished turning Noel Edmonds into a spiritual being, drawing sad eyes into his usually deadpan face and creating a fiery world for him to exist in.

Whilst  We had a play with the programme, figuring out it’s particulars, myself and Louise discussed eachother’s work and decided to take photos of our studio work, still using the Ipad’s camera, which lends a home video angle and blur to the photos taken. 

What I saw of Louise’s work was mostly interested in bones and skulls in particular. She plays with the ways of representing them through the textures and patters she draws them in, or what she draws them on. On the Ipad she managed to create a horror-movie-cover image of her art, softly mixing in lots of shadow.



My own work which Iphotographed was more narrative/comic strip-like in appearance. Mixing a painting of mine (which originally hs a drunk naked man, sentimental at a friends funeral) with photos of a snack machine, and with some skulls frm Louise’s studio work created a kind of tacky warning against sugary snacks:


Then we mixed together one of my odder looking painting/drawings with Louise’s more decorative/illustrative skull drawings: Image The result, again is a dystopian warning, but with the ipad’s style mixed with our lack of experience in handling it:  it looks a bit like a tacky billboard form the sixties.

After I left the workshop for lunch, Louise managed to transform my painting again, but this time into a collection of societie’s worst products (according to our earlier conversation subjects). Society is ruled by the worst of the worst: Image

I liked this App for it’s instant playability, as i’m usually a slow learner concerning computer programmes. I think it works for light humor and quick tricks, but I wasn’t ready to attempt anything more ambitious on it at the time as the pictures I produced were very cheap-looking, I thought.

I also don’t plan on owning an Ipad in the near future. I think that for financial reasons, this is true of a lot of art students.




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