An allowance of sixty-odd years of consciousness.

For reasons explained below, I’ve been recently trying to draw from pure imagination, stimulated by conjuring up recent and ongoing family events in my mind, and taking cycling trips to the Clifton Downs alone for an inspiring view.

70 odd years of conciousness

sixty-odd years of consciousness (2014) by Osian Grifford

This new small canvas painting I drew thinking of the sixty-odd years of consciousness each person gets, appearing seemingly from nowhere, experiencing for a short while and then disappearing again, apparently to nowhere. 

I validate creating this kind of work by seeing it as practicing the expression of an idea by portraying only the essentials, with only very light decoration. 

For a few of my meetings with Amelia, one of my Illustration Lecturers at cardiff Met, I’ve been attempting to defend my liking of certain styles of painting/illustration/art.

Amelia, as I understand  is very encouraging of experimenting in art to find a medium that conveys the message, rather than using a medium which an artist is comfortable with, to express a message/explore a subject. But typically my own work is a painterly adaptation of super-hero/comic book in style, which I think creates a glamorous/light entertainment context, ready to either be contradicted or contrasted with heavy subject matter: 


Butcher’s and Brothel (2013) by Osian Grifford

Or consciously used as a medium which encourages fictional narrative, as in the painting below:  

Dr Seuss in Wonderland

Dr Seuss in Wonderland (2013), by Osian Grifford

Although I will take Amelia’s advice and keep struggling to draw/illustrate in a more improvisational manner, I also think that I can stand up for my bulk of work if for no other reason than that I consistently paint them with some level of humour in mind, whilst keeping them bright and optimistic in colour. And heaping an abundance of bright colours on your local world is almost a good enough excuse to paint on it’s own. Or maybe that’s not true at all, and I only think that from having taken too much acid.   


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