Child Stars


Behavioural-fetish fads leave behind those who got comfy in the spotlight.


Owing my aunty Mair a birthday card/drawing , I painted this little canvas with an adult wreck-head Dennis. Mair wants me to paint Dennis the Menace on her toddler son’s room walls but I haven’t got round to doing it yet. He has no idea who Dennis the Menace is, obviously. Not just because he’s too young to read Beano but because Dennis has been rebranded. He’s no longer menacing and his trademark brow has been deformed into something less offensive. 

I don’t think I was ever interested in the Beano comics, but I liked the TV animations they made. Now though, I don’t know who would watch it. It’s understandable that parents and cartoon-makers are now taking more responsibility for the influences they have on children. And i think it’s generally accepted now that any publicity surrounding a behaviour will encourage this behaviour, even if it’s part of a moral tale which ultimately condemns it. Still, I don’t imagine the newer softened version of the Dennis cartoon-series is any good because the character’s entertainment value used to rely solely on his being a little prick.

Let me know if you’ve watched it and think otherwise and I might give it a go. 


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