At the exceptionally good ‘Fusion’ festival in Germany in June, I took up my first outing as the Flasher/Photographer.

Stunning Selfie.

Stunning Selfie.

My Press Pass. Absolutely Essential.

My Press Pass. Absolutely Essential.


I’d travelled to the festival by coach, from Bristol, England to an old military airport in North East Germany. My job was to visually capture the walkabout performances of Rose Rokoko, who were in character as PopCorn Girls, Carousel Horses, and Mimes.  


Rose Rokoko Walkabouts: Here as Popcorn girls and Carouse Horses.

Rose Rokoko Walkabouts: Here as Popcorn girls and Carouse Horses.

I uploaded my photograph’s to RoseRokoko’s Facebook page. Here’s the link:



Before I went I wanted to look the part, so I bought myself a large old trench coat from a dusty charity shop on the outskirts of Cardiff. The old woman at the counter assured me that her husband wore almost the exact coat when she met him in the 1940s. She then advised my friend Jen to feed me good so that I would fit the coat better. I also bought myself a hat that would pass as a 1930s Chicago ‘press’ photographer’s hat (at a push) and took a pen to some pages of my sketchbook to design myself a face. This face had to be suitable for a ‘PRESS’ Photographer who would be spending a week in Europe photographing four young women in performance. Trousers weren’t necessary; if anything they’d be a hindrance.


I spent the bulk of the festival running circles around passing groups of Germans, kneeling to take shots of their interactions with the Rose Rokoko group. My photographing stance unfortunately led to my coat opening to reveal my frilly knickers and bare thighs: surely a crowd pleaser at any self-respecting festival.

But I think it went down well. Except, of course, for the occasional tutting and head shaking and eye-rolling. And being caught rustling in the bushes with my camera at times was awkward, but usually humorously received.    

Following Rose Rokoko’s lead, I ran around like an escaped mental-patient turned performer. I hooped, I rolled, I danced, I sweated my shirt through and my nipples turned white with blisters. It was all brilliant.

I’ve been to many music festivals , as a child with my family, as a punter to enjoy it, and as crew to participate. Glastonbury, Shambala, Workhouse, Squarefest, Greenfields, Boomtown. They’ve all been amazing and I think Fusion may have been even better. I’ll do a separate post on the Festival itself when I get round to it.  

For now I’ll just say that i’ll be pulling the flasher/Photographer character out again in some form or other for certain. He fit me like a glove, the dirty bugger. 

The Flasher/Photographer getting involved.

The Flasher/Photographer considering quitting his Job as a pervert pap of the Daily Gash to join the circus.


The flasher/photographer  definitely got a taste for the other side of the lense.

The flasher/photographer definitely got a taste for the other side of the lens.



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