Chasing the Bus (sketchbook painting)

Acrylic Sketchbook drawing. Catching a Bus. (by myself, Osian Grifford)

I’m currently reading John Berger’s book ‘and our faces, my heart, brief as photos’. It’s a collection of letters from the author to the reader addressing time and mortality. The passages in it don’t mix. They pick up a story and drop it with a space of two lines, which leaves a feeling of presentness in each little story (because it doesn’t feel like they finish). I recommend this book for anyone looking to read something non-fictional, calming and thought-provoking. 

This is a little acrylic painting I did in my sketchbook a few weeks back. At the time I wasn’t thinking about anything more than what I put on the page. The colours are sad but there’s energy and an activity which isn’t depressing. Because the figure is chasing the bus, the picture is not sad. It’s like a representation of a photograph, rather than of a feeling.



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