Superstar Factory

Here is a small painting i did a few weeks ago, whilst temporarily interested in the images of cows. 


I occasionally consider narrowing the subject matters of my work, very consciously, for the sake of having it all work towards a single, ethics-based purpose. This doesn’t come naturally to me, as I’m not usually feeling very focussed on one interest.  But this wanting to narrow my subject-matter output is quickly put to bed by my looking at other artists work and seeing that whilst they might think they are covering a range of themes, the work is inevitably held together collectively by the world perspective that created them.

I like art that forces people to think about something they don’t want to think about. And most art concerning the meat industry does this. What’s particular to the meat industry’s negative sides as a topic is that it divides even my usually very liberal group of friends. In my experience; It’s not unusual for people who live very messily (drinking, drugs and general unfitness) to scream bloody murder at the site of someone swigging a drink with aspartame as an ingredient.  It’s also not unusual for people who’s diets consist of mostly takeaway food to express concern for a friend/relative who doesn’t eat meat, or animal products. 

Through the concern though, is often someone who has taken offence to your diet, as if it is an attack on theirs. In a humorous way; this is my favourite part of the Veggie and Vegan diet – that some people (of traditional british diets) think it’s necessarily a statement against their diets or ethics, rather than possibly just a personal choice. 



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