Upcoming Exhibition Event: ‘A Sense of Society’

tv SOS

Exhibition at the Jam-Jar Studios on the 27th of October in Bristol, england.

Just getting round to getting the details from co-creators of this event before putting the details out but here is an event cover picture that one of the event hosts (Natty Rudecat) created with some contributions from myself. We are organising an art exhibition to show perspectives on modern living in an age of global information-sharing.

The exhibition looks at the disparity in tone between our personal lives and the troubles of the world which we view through  mass media.

I myself and contributing paintings made especially for this exhibition, setting up a space in the studio to set the context that my work should be viewed through.

The studio space is very special- find out about The Jam-Jar Studios at their facebook page :  https://www.facebook.com/TheJamJarProductions

The Event as well as an exhibition of art by some true talents,  will include Performance Arts, Film viewings, Workshops, Food, Music and After-Party.

More info to come on thought provoking speakers concerning education and mainstream society.
I’ll upload it onto here soon.

Osian Grifford


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