EVENT ADVERTISEMENT: Bristol Art Exhib, 23rd and 24th october

tv SOS

“Two day Art Exhibition looking at the disparity in tone between our personal lives and the world we view through mass-media.

Where: The Old Malt House, Bristol ! (on Little Anne Street, near Staples behind Cabbot circus Car-park, )

When: 1pm ’til late on both Thursday and Friday 23rd and 24th of October.

Art by Osian Grifford, Natty Rudecat, James Fraser, Lily Thomas and performance art by Rose Rokkoko/Dutty Borgois

Find Links to past works of these artists below:

james flyer art
Some of the Misfits involved in this exhibition:

Osian Grifford Paintings: Psychadelic and optimistic in pallete, Osian’s work exhibits the side of human nature that is preoccupied with it’s own being. Mixing fiction and reality, Osian portrays an exaggerated version of his own localised reality, concentrating on the eccentricities that have become comfortable in modern disjointed living. Against the backdrop of collaged international News and Mass Media, this work attempts to romantically justify the lives portrayed in the context of a world full of problems that need addressing.


Natty Rudecat: mixed meedia paints: Natty Rudecat’s work is formed from Street art and fashion based in the Bristol rave scene. Politically minded, Natty Rudecat’s art focusses on rebelious cultures, using appropriate medias for this subject matter.

Rose Rokoko presents Dutty bourgeois (immersive theatre) : In a comparison between class differences in 18th century France and the gap between poor and rich in the present day, ‘Dutty Bourgeois’ is immersive theatre with interactive characters in the space- Marie Antoinette re-invented and kicked out of first class citizenship
 James Fraser, painter : James Fraser’s work uses texture and colour to create a solitary atmosphere whithin which he places characters and scenes reminscent of black and white photo-journalism. The landscapes of Fraser’s paintings depict existential questioning, enjoyed with energetic, harsh textures.

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