‘a sEnsE oF sOcIEtY’ : Post Exhibition thoughts

a sEnsE oF sOcIEtY


Two day Art Exhibition looking at the disparity in tone between our personal lives and the world we view through mass-media.


Osian Grifford Painting’s ‘a sEnsE oF sOcIEtY’ showing “fully functioning light-headonism to a background of emergency news”

The title for this exhibition is inspired by the Mike Leigh short film ‘a Sense of History’ (1992) in which an old toff Earle of Leete describes the comically tragic tactics he uses to uphold the family estate (including the idiotic murder of his brother, wife and children). His glory and pride are shown to be comically misplaced but there’s enough affection in the film to leave room for pitying the idiot toff.

This exhibition is similarly sarcastically titled. This is in answer to the hijacking of the word ‘society’ by cash-in types to divert focus from the actual nature of big politics’ focus.

The focus in your life is what you are contributing to the world around you. Your effect on other people is important. Your behavior will influence others and theirs will influence others yet again.


Performance and instillation space by Rose Rokoko walkabouts

Contemporary Mass-media is inviting you to address the world’s problems. It’s inviting you by showing you stories/images of wars, starving people, inequality, injustices, poverty (yawn). The journalist’s intentions vary here. There can be ulterior motives for propagating baddies and exaggerating threats and sadnesses. But the news also comes from people who are genuinely doing their best to keep people in the know about the world. Mass media is a mix of important facts and mixed biases. It can easily envelope and distress you, but it can just as easily become background noise that you ignore like crap pop music.


Display wall of Natty ‘Rudecat’ Pierson at exhibition ‘a sEnsE oF sOcIEtY’

Some of this work acknowledges that there is worth in the information that seeps into our lives through mass media, but the enforced glamour of our individual lives is also worth something not as shallow as it might at first seem.

Other points of view here express a fighting spirit, against the biases that dampen our trust in mass-information.


paintings by James Faser

There are also works focused on information that is at hand in our physical beings. Zooming in on ourselves as organisms, rather than zooming out and looking at the world as vague whole/hole.

Osian Grifford


Massive thanks to everyone at The Jam Jar Collective for the incredible exhibition space, sound system, lighting and all the support and work from the crew for this event. We all had a really good time and are looking forward to getting involved with The Jam-Jar Collective at The Old Malt House again for future Bristol-based projects.

I was happy with how I displayed my work initially, placing the comic book style paintings of petty hedonism in front of Gold-covered world news background. The paintings were all done from a mixture of friends posing for photographs with some imagination as punchline.

But on seeing Rose Rokoko’s set-up with the bombs dropping behind her as a video projected imagery, I decided that that would be how I would next exhibit my work. The urgency and depressive nature of the background world news on my exhibiting wall wash’t apparent enough. But a projected light, combined with movement and the horror of bombs contrasted really well with the playful foreground of Rose Rokoko’s colourful performance peace, where she dressed as a kind of super-colourful granny in street savvy tracksuit, peacefully reading a paper in a pile of gold jewellery.

I’m waiting for a friend to forward me her photos of the exhibition, which were clearer. I’ll post them when they arrive. Until then here are some of the photo I got:


Osian Grifford paintings form exhibition ‘a sEnsE oF sOcIEtY’


Performance and instillation space by Rose Rokoko walkabouts


‘Trashed Gold’ Exhibition space, by Rose Rokoko Walkabouts creator Rose Thomas. With contributing painting by Osian Grifford ‘Oliver Twist’


Performance and instillation space by Rose Rokoko walkabouts


Osian Grifford Painting’s ‘a sEnsE oF sOcIEtY’ showing “fully functioning light-headonism to a background of emergency news”


“Anti” Mair makes an appearance- Yay!


Osian Grifford Painting’s ‘a sEnsE oF sOcIEtY’ showing “fully functioning light-headonism to a background of emergency news”


Projection clips of the film ‘The Firm’ starring Gary Oldman.

Here’s are some photos from the event that took place on the 23rd and 24th of October-  1509855_10205400072350739_8227443868141129150_n 10659416_10205400107951629_5944882936293685567_n 10659416_10205400108111633_3388925158544121654_n


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