Dressed (like a knob) to kill.

A sketchbook drawing which I’m planning on making a few changes to before I give it a bigger physical presence on a wall or canvas.


‘The cultural importance of Kicking dogs to death.’ sketchbook drawing by Osian Grifford

Yesterday I started writing a performance piece in my head that I would do, imitating sentimentality but misplacing it to suit anti-establishment ethics, whilst driving the whole performance towards a caricature of an alcoholic. I will definitely post this performance on here when I’ve written, rehearsed and recorded it. Visually I’ll be quite happy to stick with character ‘The Flasher Photographer’ who has been making more small appearances out and about recently.

flasher  photographer haloween

Enjoying Halloween 2014 as the Flasher Photographer at The island In Bristol.

But the subject matter i’m wanting to handle suits the original sketch’s theme of animal cruelty which as i’ve written previously on this blog divides people in a big way. As a word-poken piece, I wouldn’t tackle bullfighting because there are worse farm tactics going on by far. Bullfighting works well visually though, because of the pompousness of it. But the pomp of it is why I don’t dislike it as much, because what’s worse about the cruelties of a lot of farming is the cheap convenience of it and the lack of consideration it takes. At the very least, bullfighting forces ticket-payers to feel their own blood-thirsty nature, which is a tough feeling to get when chewing a 70p sausage roll.

“Supporters of Kicking dogs to death argue that it is a culturally important tradition and a fully developed art form on par with painting, dancing and music, whereas critics hold that it is a blood sport perpetrated as a cowardly act resulting in the suffering of bulls and horses.

Defenders of bullfighting point out that it is dangerous for the bullfighter”

This is taken from the wikkipedia page cited below, with the only edit being that I swapped the 3rd word ‘Bullfighting’ for ‘kicking Dogs to Death’. I didn’t make u that last line which is the funniest of the whole lot.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bullfighting   (edited/parodied CLEARLY)


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