Illustration ‘Vote for fake character from the past’ by Osian Grifford


He’s the best there is at what he does. But what he usually does isn’t going to stop disproportionate emphasis on profit margins stripping the world of it’s yummy uselessness. So he’s going to change a bit.

Come on a journey with Wolverine as he struggles against his animalistic nature and pleasure-thirsty instincts to persure a higher call of making the world a fairer place. He doesn’t need his super-powers, just the ethics that were failry standard of a hero when his character was invented in 1974.

He doesn’t make deals to sort his mates out with big contracts of easily liquidated companies, he instead threatens people with knives a lot and cuts their ties off probably.

Marvel heroes often fought against the general consensus and sometimes against government fringe groups (such as the ones that created the sentinels to kill mutants purely because of their genetic differences). DC super-heroes such as bat-man and superman are more likely to defend the current power holders against one-off crimes. Superman and Bataman are much more likely to make cynical deals with big profit-gathering companies for what they deam to be the greater good. Wolverine would just chuck someone out the window and describe himself as a “loner wot don’t need no mates, bub.”



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