You people… This country…


‘You People Need a New Wetherspoon’ Sketchbook work by Osian Grifford

More of the same, that’s what I want. I like creative and playful art and boring clone pubs in which I’m guaranteed to be the youngest and healthiest specimen in the room. My kidneys can take a few £2 guest ales any day of the week, as long as there isn’t a football or rugby game on; I’d rather drink in the park than queue at a bar.

The other day I had a delicious veggie-burger meal at Start the Bus, an arty pub/cafe/restaurant in Bristol with arty cartoons painted all up the walls , It’s  very reasonable pricewise (2for1 burgers on a tues) It’s not got that same card-boardy reliable-ness that the whetherspoon meal has, not thirty meters up the road and so it’s odd that I usually end up at the spoons rather than the bus.

Still wetherspoon pubs are a place for people who don’t want to spend too much money, or have music blasted into their ears. They’re reliable and have a relaxed vibe to them because they’re a big chain company that thrives on that anonymous feeling. They’re a good place and price for a certain set of people, which can be true at the same time as assumptions that something about them must be exploitative or dishonest for them to be able to keep their prices so low in comparison to real local pubs.


One Comment on “You people… This country…”

  1. Lovely song by Beans on Toast hovering around the wetherspoon culture:

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