Dissertation: sluggissssh beginnings (part 2)

Muscle Tissue

‘Muscle Tissue’ Acrylics on Canvas by Osian Grifford

Dissertation: sluggissssh beginnings (part 2) Just over a fortnight ago, I asked my Illustration tutor Anna about Transcendental Meditation. What I wanted to know was whether it might help me air my thoughts out a bit, which I am usually doing by going out for a drink, which usually turns into a forced night out, not wanting to not be out drinking because personal stresses are more pronounced when sober. Anna said because of being so busy, she wasn’t teaching meditation until January/February, but she was quite adamant that Transcendental Meditation wasn’t the best form of meditation to practice if the goal is to achieve a calmer mind.  Anna had previously practised T.M for years, but said that she is now using and teaching Mindfulness Meditation and is a lot happier with the effects of that practice because of it’s focus on losing all conscious efforts (whereas TM uses a mantra, which is a use of the conscious will). After being advised on where to find possible Mindfulness meditation lessons, I went back to my desk and carried on ploughing through my illustration work for a day, when Anna popped in and offered myself and another student a one off MM lesson for the following day. The MM lesson was very therapeutic and did help relieve my stresses for a while, but i have only kept it up for a couple of days at a time because my tutor advised me that it doesn’t work with binge drinking, which I suppose is why there are no alcoholic Buddhists (that I know of). It would seem that the best religion for me to practice would be catholicism or protestantism which are both heavily populated by binge drinkers, in the UK at least. (Part 2 tbc)


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