Dissertation: sluggissssh beginnings


Sketchbook drawing by osian grifford

Dissertation sluggish beginnings (part 1)

Getting started on my dissertation has been a slow laborious task. I’d put it  at the back of my mind until my exhibition in Bristol was over and done with, but that was back in October so my excuses were fading by mid september where I was forcing myself to get a sentence down every few days. Because of current personal stresses concerning family, friends and relationships I’ve found that drawing and painting has been quite therapeutic and enjoyable, whilst collecting my thoughts in a way that’s needed for heavy essay writing has been near-impossible.

Drawing and painting and creating visually is pleasing and calming and can be done in spite of erratic thinking, which is definitely how I would describe my state of mind over the last few months. But knowing that I had to get my brain prepared for writing my dissertation – I took to the internet in search of mind-emptying practices.

Naturally being pulled towards artists and creative thinkers as influences, I quickly found videos and sound recordings of benefit events for the David Lynch Foundation. which states it’s purpose as ‘Overcoming Trauma. Transforming lives’. I was interested in Transcendental Meditation which the D.L Foundation recommends, because hearing David Lynch describe it’s uses at a recorded video of one of his benefit events made it sound very conducive to the creative flow from which i felt blocked at the time. Being a fan of Lynch’s films and being able to appreciate his creativity through his super-strange films, i was willing to give a chance to what he considered the source of his energy (T.M). Also, a person I’ve been researching for both my dissertation and my subject work has been the american Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who is co creator of one of my favourite TV series ever: ‘Seinfeld’. In recent interviews, Jerry Seinfeld has been bragging about the amounts of mental and physical energy he has been gaining through practicing T.M twice a day. So through these influences Transcendental Meditation was becoming the apparent solution to my jumbled, overcrowded thoughts.  I decided that I would take my curiosity of Transcendental Meditation and discuss it with my Illustration tutor Anna, who I knew taught meditation of some kind, but i didn’t yet no which.


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