Sharing the Fish Tank

This xmas I was secret santa to my aunty Dal. I got to making her a painting based on a simple mix of a few things I thought she would like. Dal has outspoken politically anti-establishment views. In the current political situation of britain, if you’re not well-off and you don’t have anything against the government’s quick-buck chasing philosophy which works at the expense of almost anything other than the segregation of rich and poor (Bedroom tax namedrop here) then you’re a sadomasochist I expect. For this image I used Dal’s current pets to assemble a hectic painting of bright colours depicting the bosses sharing the tank with the lower end of the food chain. In the finished version which I din’t get a photo of, there is a sign in the bottom left corner saying ‘PLEASE DONT FEED THE FISH’ which has been vandalised with the anarchist symbol. These persian cats have the visual personality of lazy tyrants. And people like that in a pet.


‘Sharing the Fish Tank’ Acrylics on Canvas by Osian Grifford

Prison psychologist’s internal monologue from Alan Moore’s Watchmen;

As they dragged him away, Rorschach spoke to the other inmates.

He said “None of you understand. I’m not locked up in here with you. You’re locked up in here with me.


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