UKIP ‘Character’

by osian Grifford

UKIP ‘character’ cartoon by Osian Grifford

A UKIP cartoon to add to the masses that exist but with a focus on the Grotesque side of cartoon making which I have studying recently. Also  have recently felt encouraged by Chris Bliss’ ‘Comedy is Translation’ TED talk on how humour helps people comprehend horrible ideas. This idea of the new political ‘characters’ that have pulled themselves out of their own imaginations was excellently articulated by the Alternative Comedian Stewart Lee, who in describing the media portrayal of Nigel Farrage as a “character”, reads out the theatre dictionary definition of ‘character’ as “something that resembles or imitates a person”. The recent murders of the Parisian cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo have brought a lot of politically minded cartoonists out of the cracks. I’m quite cynical about the reason behind most of it although I’ve sen a lot of positive comments concerning the need not to dive into the ‘us and them’ type of rhetoric. More so than after a lot of other similar horrors in the past, which hopefully shows that people are collectively getting past the reactionary responses to this and are now being forced to think about the effects of dividing ourselves by tiny differences, assuming that our own petty difference to someone else is superior, which is exactly the type of crap UKIP tries to hook votes on. It’s depressing that people used cartoons as an excuse to murder. And it’s depressing that politicians are so keen to use these events for personal gain and self important rants. See Farrage’s comments in the article below:


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