TV License: Love Letters from the BBC

TV License by osian grifford

TV License by osian grifford

Letters I get from the beeb who think that anyone who doesn’t want to buy their product should have to write to them explaining why and inviting them to come round. This post can be my open letter to S Simms, the Regional Enforcement manager for Cardiff Enforcement Division, for crappy TV license. I think it should be harder to get a TV license…the crap they show and what passes for news should ot be consumed by any old idiot who is likely to go off making opinions based on it.

“To the Legal Occupier,

This is an official warning that we are carrying out an investigation of your address. We have asked you to contact us several times but you have not respnded. There is no record of a TV license at this property.”

To S Simms, Regional Enforcement manager

I am carrying out an investigation as to whether you have paid for prints of my work that you may or may not own. So far you’ve never written to me to tell me that you don’t own any of my work. Which is weird.

I have no record of your paying me for prints of my artwork. I don’t even know if you own any, but still I have no records. What’s THAT about, S. Simms?

If you don’t own any of my products, please write to me annually to tell me that you don’t. There’s a good boy. This relationship is going to be so sweet as long as we learn how to co-operate.


Osian Grifford, Enforcement manager for the payments for my artwork which people might have bought.


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