Box-Son: The object of Your Affection


Box-Son: The object of Your Affection’ is an image-a-day comic strip detailing the non-adventures of a father and his two sons. One of the sons is kept permanently in a wooden box.

The ‘Box-Son’ cartoons are born out of surreal comedy sketches, but carried on with an intention of rebelling against judgement against a character who is by modern morality; irredeemable. My recently submitted dissertation commented comedy’s rising use of morality issues. The comics known for being controversial or cheaply edgy (I number-crunched one of Jimmy Carr’s sets in particular because he has also written a very in depth book on comedy. and so knows his context a bit) tended to deal with pedophilia, domestic abuse, and disability, also with a regular inclusion of jokes concerning homosexuality. But Jimmy Carr’s sets deal in offensive concepts handled ironically. They are almost without empathy towards anyone that isn’t in the joking crowd, even when the comedian breaks his thin character to admit the moral difference between what is said and what is felt.

'Box-Son' No.1 by osian grifford

‘Box-Son’ No.1; ‘A Dark Night’ by osian grifford and Buffy Dunhill 15.02.15

'Box-Son' No.2 by osian grifford

‘Box-Son’ No.2; ‘Faith’ by Buffy Dunhill and osian grifford 15.02.15

'Box-Son' No3 by osian grifford 16.02.15

‘Box-Son’ No3; ‘Witt’s End’ by osian grifford 16.02.15

'Box-Son' No.4 by osian grifford

‘Box-Son’ No.4; ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’ by osian grifford 17.02.2015

'Box-Son' no.6 by osian grifford 18.o2.15

‘Box-Son’ no.6; ‘To My Shame…’ by osian grifford 19.o2.15

'Box-Son' no.7 by osian grifford 19.02.15

‘Box-Son’ no.7; ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ by osian grifford 19.02.15

'Box-Son' no.8 by osian grifford 19.02.15

‘Box-Son’ no.8; ‘Scroungers’ by osian grifford 19.02.15


‘Box-Son’ no.9; ‘No Favourites’ by osian grifford 19.02.15


‘Box-Son’ no.10; ‘Recurring Regret’ by osian grifford 21.02.15

'Box-Son' no.11 by osian grifford 22.02.15

‘Box-Son’ no.11; ‘Truant’ by osian grifford 22.02.15

'Box-Son' no.12 by osian grifford 23.02.15

‘Box-Son’ no.12; ‘Soothing Music’ by osian grifford 23.02.15


‘Box-Son’ no.13; ‘Parental advisory’ by osian grifford 23.02.15

Modern cheap-shot offensive comedian’s sets deal in offensive concepts handled ironically. They are almost without empathy towards anyone other than the jokers/entertainers.  ‘Box-son’ I hope conveys empathy towards the insanity and hopelessness of the situation that the characters live in.

Some of the outcome of the story so far is born out of a combination of my dissertation studies, and reading Youtube comments. My dissertation led me to try to suggest with my work that a combination of art and comedy can be a strong moral compass. I’ll post more about this on a separate blog, but for here I think it will do to say that this view led me to want to see a story in which the main character was beyond redemption by modern popular moralities standards, but which struggled to give the character hope and empathy regardless of this.

I read Youtube comment sections on popular TV and Movie Fictions such as Breaking Bad and The Godfather, stories which specifically deal with the moral decline of an initially likeable character. There is a surprising amount of excuse making and support on behalf of the character’s worst actions. Audiences want to empathise with the main character to the point that they will create justifications for morally unjustifiable actions.

It’s this kind of audience that I would like to see tested more in modern entertainment/arts.This is roughly what i’m suggesting through ‘Box-son’. Stories which force the audience to question their strong urge of loyalty to a main character.

‘Box-Son: The object of Your Affection’

Written and illustrated by osian grifford. Created by osian grifford and Buffy Dunhill.


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    Complete series of ‘Box-Son’ uploaded today. Parental Advisory etc etc. Comments/messages welcome to be taken into consideration for future writings/illustrations.

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