Box-Son: The object of Your Affection

Complete series of ‘Box-Son’ uploaded today. Parental Advisory etc etc. Comments/messages welcome to be taken into consideration for future writings/illustrations.

oSiAn gRiFfOrD


Box-Son: The object of Your Affection’ is an image-a-day comic strip detailing the non-adventures of a father and his two sons. One of the sons is kept permanently in a wooden box.

The ‘Box-Son’ cartoons are born out of surreal comedy sketches, but carried on with an intention of rebelling against judgement against a character who is by modern morality; irredeemable. My recently submitted disseration commented comedy’s rising use of morality issues. The comics known for being controversial or cheaply edgy (I number-crunched one of Jimmy Carr’s sets in particular because he has also wriiten a very in depth book on comedy. and so knows his context a bit) tended to deal with paedofelia, domestic abuse, and disability, also with a regular inclusion of jokes concerning homosexuality. But Jimmy Carr’s sets deal in offensive concepts handled ironically. They are almost without empathy towards anyone that isn’t in the joking…

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