Research: Judges and Politicians and Child abuse and missing documents

illustration by osian grifford

illustration by osian grifford

Currently looking into the Child abuse cover-ups that took place in the 80s involving judges and Conservative party politicians, at the Elms Guest House.

My upcoming degree show was always going to be about the lack of empathy that takes place in order for large groups of people in society to be sidelined and essentially starved of necessities, but having been talking about politics in our weekly discussions on Radio Cardiff (I’ve been both a guest and co-presenter on the show’s Pitch slot for the last month or so). I’m now wanting to link it in to a more current political debate. Namely this would be the complete failure of our current political systems to hold people in power to account.

This post is really just a quotes summary of some of the things that are almost shocking about this scandal. The below paragraphs all concern the organised sexual abuse of children at The Elm Guest House at around 1984 by Members of parliament and Judges. The children are believed to have been taken there from a care home. All of the following are taken from the two The Guardian online articles cited beneath:

‘A dossier of evidence of an alleged paedophile ring, involving several MPs, including (liberal MP Cyril) Smith, and other public figures, was handed to the Home Office in 1983, by the Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens, who died in 1995. The 40-page dossier has since been destroyed or lost, according to a Home Office review. The Crown Prosecution Service has conceded that Smith should have been prosecuted after rejecting claims against him in 1970, 1998 and 1999.’ (TheGuardian 19/11/14)

‘At least three MPs were reported to have been questioned in 1982 after a police raid on the guesthouse. It was reported at the time that it was being used as a brothel where children as young as 10 were abused. Two children living in the house were taken into care. ‘  (TheGuardian 19/11/14)

‘The development follows Scotland Yard’s decision last week to publicly describe claims that a Conservative MP strangled a boy of 12 as both “credible and true”. Officers, who have appealed for witnesses to come forward, are investigating the claims of an alleged victim, known as Nick, who says he was molested from the age of seven to 16, between 1975 and 1984. He claims to have seen a Conservative MP kill a boy at an orgy in a London townhouse in around 1980′ (TheGuardian 20/12/14)

‘Peter McKelvie, a former child protection manager whose allegations about a paedophile ring brought the issue to the attention of Tom Watson MP and the police in 2012, said it was clear that there had been a cover-up.’ (TheGuardian 20/12/14)

‘Last week the home secretary Theresa May met survivors of child sexual abuse, along with McKelvie, to discuss the future of the independent inquiry that she set up in the summer. The inquiry has lost two chairs over accusations of conflicts of interest and the survivors told May that they had also lost confidence in the makeup of the rest of the panel due to examined allegations of organised institutional child abuse.’  (TheGuardian 20/12/14)

‘Earlier this month it was revealed that two members of the panel had been accused of sending threatening or insulting emails to victims who had criticised the inquiry.’  (TheGuardian 20/12/14)

Decades of negligent behaviour by those in power and authority, spanning from 1984 when police failed to investigate the case to any effect, up until very recently where The Conservative Party’s Home Secretary Theresa May has seen that the independent enquiry of the case fold effectively, stripping the abuse survivors of any confidence in the investigation as panellists apparently sent threatening texts to the survivors.

I don’t yet know how to link my degree show ideas so blatantly to ongoing political misbehaviour. My project is predominantly about human nature, empathy, and labels/stereotyping. My work does cover child abuse, but in a perspectived way, concerning the lack of empathy involved. Perhaps carrying on my work as planned whilst linking my works to these articles by QR code might give them enogh seperation so as to distort the purpose of my work, whilst still reminding people of the organised abuses of power and the very blatant cover-ups that routinely follow it.

Editorial section: What is is about the exploitation of children (sexual or otherwise) which sits people so comfortably into the Conservative Party, or gets them an MBE for that matter??



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