General Election Results and Artist’s Responsibility

Smelly Conservatory by Osian Grifford

Smelly Conservatory by Osian Grifford

A smelly conservatory again for the ‘orrible peasants. I’m disappointed that the media spin (constantly blaming previous governments for current kicking-in of welfare state) got people voting against themselves…Conservative voters: you are twats.

But the people who hoped for a better outcome cant just stay angry at the outcome of this election; There’s always a wrestle going on between big business/anti-socialism and people who want to be treated fairly (to be able to earn a living without having your wages so obviously syphoned by a monopoly of bastards (I don’t mean tax). The wrestle would have carried on against/with (whatever) Labour, and it will happen under this lot too… So I suppose the optimistic way of looking at it is that the punch-ups are yet to be had.

As an illustrator/artist and active advocate for a more empathetic society, I now intend to include myself in a lot more outward campaigning against the comfortable control politicians and wealth-amassing companies have on public opinion. To push towards prioritising an inclusive society, restorative justice, and honest publicity on the negative and positive effects of specific government policies.


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