A Merry Tramp or Student (poem)

Jobcentreplu illustration Osian grifford text

(I found an old poem of mine whilst looking through old word documents. some of it I still like so I thought i’d stick it online somewhere before it dissapeared forever)

A Merry tramp or Student

An endless list of words, here a kiss

This special brew of bored and amused

Music inside, dance outside, I slip

The accused, cold can in hand, takes a sip

This party hardly got started

and already I look like Noddy Holder

Everyone else at an elegant dinner

Swapping dance classes and diets

Eye-rolling riots and voting best singers

some scared to death on the right and left

Back outdoors I dance, with us

And them the ones that don’t eat, their crusts

Give us income, nincompoop

You, Salt of the earth and healthy

Through glass see us dancing,

All cavorting with warts

Maybe there’s something, to do

I saw it drive past an hour ago,

but without it’s lights on

From lonesome me to wholesome you

Osian grifford (2012)


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