‪#‎ResignCameron‬ ‪#DestroyTories

Cameron Resign signed

Today I’ve parodied the a 1967 ‘Spider-Man No More!’ comic page to show a more modern character regretfully turning away from a responsibility that he’s unfit for.

I am aware that there are going to be ulterior motives for the recent right-wing papers’ turning against David Cameron over his tax-dodging (as if the owners and writers of The Daily Mail give a shit about elite tax-dodging) and like a lot of people i’m thinking that it’s probably to do with getting some other tory in instead who will back the ‘Brexit’ line.

Although obviously i’m for staying within the EU, I don’t think this means we should be nervous about attacking bad behaviour within the born-to-rule classes. Boris or whoever else might take D.Cameron’s place is just as sinister as the current PM (or i guess more-so at the moment if he’s  trying to dodge the EU human rights laws) and so there’s plenty of targets to go for, and not one at a time, but all together. I’ll attach a link to this post on what the elite line is on normal people who haven’t been born with a fat inheritance and a fat class-based superiority complex (it’s hilarious as well as repulsive) :


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