‘The Bargoed Miracle’



Earlier this week was the book launch for ‘The Bargoed Miracle’, a graphic novel I was hired to illustrate by Literature Wales, who instigated the project alongside Caerphilly Arts Development. Written by a group from ‘The Innovative Project’, an Educated Other Than School provision project in Rhymney, the opening line of the story is:

‘Nobody expected Jesus to rock up in Bargoed. He arrived one friday night dressed in a Wales shirt’

and the story continuous through a peculiar depiction of the valleys town and it’s characters. I would say the theme of the short tale is sensationalism through hearsay, told by looking at charming but atmospherically odd people within the setting familiar to semi-rural welsh residents.

cover image with text


I had a lot of fun illustrating this book. It was done through workshops hosted by an energetic and inspiring Mike church, (writer/performer). Through engaging with the group in the workshops over the period of about 5 weeks, I was able to picture a visual representation of the story that would hopefully cement itself into the reader’s mind.  I took this unique opportunity to work very hard at creating a comic strip that was unique, but also clear. One that was creatively conveying an event and setting, whilst grounded in a modernly traditional storytelling technique. The story and characters were a gift to work with. after some visual character designs I was able to confidently move through the story using different mediums (paint, ink, charcoal, fine liners) to keep the visuals surreal and entertaining.




Literature Wales will soon be uploading an online version of the graphic novel, so I’ll post a link to that when they do. Until then, here are some photographs of the original artwork and then the printed final project.



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