Barefoot Rascals exhibition


culture with shading

cawl with shading

‘Glyndwr’s rebellion was precipitated by conflict with Reginald Grey, lord of Rhuthun. The two men had neighbouring lands, and dispute arose over a certain piece which Grey seized. When Glyndwr sought redress through Parliament, he was rebuffed. Parliaments response to warnings against such an attitude in the face of growing Welsh dissatisfaction was, ‘What care we for bare foot rascals?

Taken from: National Redeemer: Owain Glyndwr in Welsh Tradition By Elissa R. Henken

sho gallery box sons

This week I took down an exhibition that I had curated and exhibited with at The Sho Gallery in Cardiff, on Womanby St. The exhibition took place within Wales’ first ever Independence festival ‘IndyFest’ and my work was created in direct response to thoughts on national identity in Wales.


The following words are my artist’s statement which accompanied my work:

“I find national identity quite difficult to give shape to as I agree with the notion that there are more differences within cultures than between them. I think there will always be conservative-minded people who want to connect national identity to only the culture of the establishment of the day and I think that this is doing a country a disservice. I found my secondary school to contain within it a clash between cultures that every now and then represented themselves (I think now incorrectly) as Welsh and English and that was quite interesting to be a part of.

I think Wales now has to define itself more than ever as a culturally and historically rich country because corporate homogenisation has been squeezing the individuality from wherever there is money to be made, but now the balance has tipped and progressive individuality is what will gain Wales financial confidence.

Created specifically for this exhibition, this work is an offshoot of a graphic novel I’ve been working on for some time called ‘Box-Son’, a story about an insanely damaged man raising two children; Gwenallt, and Box-son (a son kept locked in a box). ‘Box-son’ deals with various ways that we suspend our empathy for people.”


neither a beggar nor a borrower with shade

This exhibition was made possible thanks to a financial contribution by YesCymru. To find out more about their campaign for Welsh Independence, visit


Tronald Dump victory and sensationalist hysteria


My Topical Box-Son cartoon in response to mass hysteria after Trump’s victory

I don’t know if it’s fair to compare the voters of Trump with the voters of Brexit but mascots for both movements tugged at the same fears and nostalgias. There’s some information flying around that Trump voters were largely financially safe so that’s why i can’t fully compare it to Brexit (even though I’m not sure that i believe that broke people didn’t vote for him by the basses) but with Brexit it seems that the only way I can understand the vote is that it was a fuck-you vote from the areas of the UK (funny name) that weren’t included in the shift to a more liberal outward looking society( ) . And also a fuck-you vote from hardworkers who had been shafted into extreme poverty by a country that no longer valued hard graft (if it ever did) but who saw funding going to all sorts of projects around them that they weren’t included in…. I don’t know.

Meat man Band illustration

The Piece of Meat Blues.jpg



I finally got round to giving Meat Man’s band a fitting illustration. Until we get get round to recording our next track ‘Jailbait Rock'(coming soon), here’s his track ‘Local Schizophrenic’ again:

Meat Man

One Breeding Pair

one breeding pair


After half a days work on a serious project, i get 15mins playtime outside to sell some thoroughbreds on the street. No-one’s buying.


Thirsty Martyrs (sketchbook doodles)

Thirsty Martyrs (sketchbook work) by osian grifford

Thirsty Martyrs (sketchbook work) by osian grifford

Odd-Jobs man

'Odd-jobs Man' by osian grifford

‘Odd-jobs Man’ by osian grifford

General Election Results and Artist’s Responsibility

Smelly Conservatory by Osian Grifford

Smelly Conservatory by Osian Grifford

A smelly conservatory again for the ‘orrible peasants. I’m disappointed that the media spin (constantly blaming previous governments for current kicking-in of welfare state) got people voting against themselves…Conservative voters: you are twats.

But the people who hoped for a better outcome cant just stay angry at the outcome of this election; There’s always a wrestle going on between big business/anti-socialism and people who want to be treated fairly (to be able to earn a living without having your wages so obviously syphoned by a monopoly of bastards (I don’t mean tax). The wrestle would have carried on against/with (whatever) Labour, and it will happen under this lot too… So I suppose the optimistic way of looking at it is that the punch-ups are yet to be had.

As an illustrator/artist and active advocate for a more empathetic society, I now intend to include myself in a lot more outward campaigning against the comfortable control politicians and wealth-amassing companies have on public opinion. To push towards prioritising an inclusive society, restorative justice, and honest publicity on the negative and positive effects of specific government policies.