Tronald Dump victory and sensationalist hysteria


My Topical Box-Son cartoon in response to mass hysteria after Trump’s victory

I don’t know if it’s fair to compare the voters of Trump with the voters of Brexit but mascots for both movements tugged at the same fears and nostalgias. There’s some information flying around that Trump voters were largely financially safe so that’s why i can’t fully compare it to Brexit (even though I’m not sure that i believe that broke people didn’t vote for him by the basses) but with Brexit it seems that the only way I can understand the vote is that it was a fuck-you vote from the areas of the UK (funny name) that weren’t included in the shift to a more liberal outward looking society( ) . And also a fuck-you vote from hardworkers who had been shafted into extreme poverty by a country that no longer valued hard graft (if it ever did) but who saw funding going to all sorts of projects around them that they weren’t included in…. I don’t know.