Back cover for my book


Back cover for my book by osian grifford

‘2146’ Graphic Novel

The year 2146. Flat-Earthers have taken control of the globe. Knowledge is scarce. Superstition is rife. Geoff Tate is a land worker who’s curiosity overpowers his fear.  



‘2146’  written by The Innovative programme, Aberbargoed with writer Mike Church, printed by Petra Publishing. Illustrated by osian grifford.

2146 was written with Mike Church in workshops in Aberbargoed in mid 2018 with the Innovative Programme. I attended some of the later workshops and the group came up with some visual ideas for the world of the story also. The narrative is a darkly comic dystopian satire. The Illustrations needed to carry this mood. 

I’m really pleased to have got to work on this book. One of my favourite projects so far. 

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The ocean has us all (gif)

While file-sorting today I made a quick gif from a small painting I did 2 years ago. In my head ‘Barracuda’ by John Cale is the soundtrack to it.

“The ocean will have us all!”

The best reason for cartooning

Good explanation for becoming a cartoonist by Terry Gilliam:

illustration by osian grifford

“I became terrified that I was going to be a full-time, bomb-throwing terrorist if I stayed [in the U.S.] because it was the beginning of really bad times in America. It was ’66–’67, it was the first police riot in Los Angeles. … In college my major was political science, so my brain worked that way. … And I drove around this little English Hillman Minx—top down—and every night I’d be hauled over by the cops. Up against the wall, and all this stuff. They had this monologue with me; it was never a dialogue. It was that I was a long-haired drug addict living off some rich guy’s foolish daughter. And I said, “No, I work in advertising. I make twice as much as you do.” Which is a stupid thing to say to a cop. …
And it was like an epiphany. I suddenly felt what it was like to be a black or Mexican kid living in L.A. Before that, I thought I knew what the world was like, I thought I knew what poor people were, and then suddenly it all changed because of that simple thing of being brutalized by cops. And I got more and more angry and I just felt, I’ve got to get out of here—I’m a better cartoonist than I am a bomb maker. That’s why so much of the U.S. is still standing”


CSAD 3rd year Illustration 2015 Exhib (my exhib space, at least)

Photos of my exhib space as part of the Illustration course at Cardiff School of Art and Design. For some of the content, see my website :


Box-Son comic strip, Music and video (on meat-lap-top) Paintings and Inoffensive T-Shirts.

Box-Son comic strip (exhibiing copy) and Box (Thanks to Jen Faraway for help making it)

Box-Son comic strip (exhibiing copy) and Box (Thanks to Jen Faraway for help making it)

'Local Schizophrenic' music & video on the meat Lap-top

‘Local Schizophrenic’ music & video on the meat Lap-top

Thirsty Martyrs (sketchbook doodles)

Thirsty Martyrs (sketchbook work) by osian grifford

Thirsty Martyrs (sketchbook work) by osian grifford