Gaslighting Cartoon

Rhondda Floods

More of the smaller images from ‘Corridor’. Poetry book written with LAC group in the Rhondda with illustrated story and dreamlike sequences. The project was funded by Rhondda Cynon Taf Council in early 2020.

Darlledu Cymru – Welsh Broadcasting

Darlledu Cymru Darlun

Illustration in the Tafod (Cymdeithas y Iaith publication) on the need for Wales to have it’s own broadcasting powers – True at any point but illustrated quite harshly during the start of the Corona Pandemic when the Welsh Gov were making safer decisions on the safety of it’s populace than the British government were doing but Boris et al made no effort to communicate that Westminster decisions on health were applying to England only (decisions on health have been devolved to Wales for twenty years now).

Lockdown (post-Lockdown)

Illustration by Osian Grifford

Lockdown drinking

The character of Box-Dad managed to keep quite upbeat during lockdown…

Celf Lockdown. Darlun gan Osian Grifford

Rhondda LAC Children’s Book

On Saturdays of early 2020, writing and illustration workshops took place hosted by local writer Mike Church, with myself and a group aged between eleven and sixteen years of age who were in different circumstances but all fit under the umbrella term Looked After Children.

Page from ‘Corridor’ (2020) a book funded by Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, Written by a group of looked after children with writer Mike Church and Illustrated by Osian Grifford. The book was written when many Rhondda valleys had recently been flooded from their homes, and during the illustrating period the Rhondda area was disproportionately hit by Corona cases.

Funded by Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, the aim was to create something that communicated the experience of the group.

In early sessions, one of the group talked about the visual metaphor of a corridor to convey the experience of struggling to get to the other side of troubling times. In an illustration workshop another created a zine which communicated the experience of being spoken to by officials. Over time we had a collection of poems and narrative and visual ideas to create a completely unique book that mixes expressive words and dream-sequence style visual narratives.

Further photos will be uploaded when we are able to continue with the printing process.  

Coronarama box-son experience

coronorama box son.jpeg

Coronarama, The Government, The BBC.

coronavirus box son.jpeg

The Simpsons

41. The Simpsons poster normal family signed.jpg

Boris on the throne

Queen of England approves BJ request
There are so many people doing so many good things in these countries and none of them are involved with, or in favour of this shit show.
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Boris on the throne .jpg