‘Jailbait Rock’on new guitar

‘Jailbait Rock’ words and music by Osian Grifford.
Yesterday my dad brought me a guitar that he bought in Bow street. It has a bizarrely wide bridge on it but sounds really nice. I usually play a children’s learning guitar just because the size is handier to carry around and they’re cheap. The strings on this bigger one are still classical so it’s not too different, just a bit gentler.

I haven’t decided whether i’ll paint this guitar like the others yet (in the style of a pork chop) to keep up with the Meat Man visuals.


Here’s a version of the same song that I did with some other musicians last year (with female vocals, chelo, and monologue) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3DVuMMOXCs

Is David Attenborough just the Piers Morgan of the wild?


Sketchbook drawing of David Attenborough. I didn’t have much time to draw this as before I could finish he ran away to chase baboons. 

No, David Attenborough isn’t the Piers Morgan of the wild. David Attenborough seems to be a nice enough man.

Why cartoon? the Gilliam answer

nuclear cock drawing sky blue.jpg

Drop pictures, not bombs. 

This is a sketchbook drawing I did in response to a good explanation I read on becoming a cartoonist. It was by the director, illustrator and Python by Terry Gilliam:
“I became terrified that I was going to be a full-time, bomb-throwing terrorist if I stayed [in the U.S.] because it was the beginning of really bad times in America. It was ’66–’67, it was the first police riot in Los Angeles. … In college my major was political science, so my brain worked that way. … And I drove around this little English Hillman Minx—top down—and every night I’d be hauled over by the cops. Up against the wall, and all this stuff. They had this monologue with me; it was never a dialogue. It was that I was a long-haired drug addict living off some rich guy’s foolish daughter. And I said, “No, I work in advertising. I make twice as much as you do.” Which is a stupid thing to say to a cop. …
And it was like an epiphany. I suddenly felt what it was like to be a black or Mexican kid living in L.A. Before that, I thought I knew what the world was like, I thought I knew what poor people were, and then suddenly it all changed because of that simple thing of being brutalized by cops. And I got more and more angry and I just felt, I’ve got to get out of here—I’m a better cartoonist than I am a bomb maker. That’s why so much of the U.S. is still standing

John Pilger on the media attitudes that got Trump into Whitehouse

God said to Abraham “Kill me a son”.


This is a cartoon that I did in my tiniest of sketchbook in Berlin a few years ago. It was in response to an impressive, atmospheric, and emotionally heavy Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddeke instillation inside the Jewish Museum, Berlin. The instillation was titled ‘Obedience’.

The purpose of the whole trip was to  inspire art projects, and although this was the most affecting of all the art and happenings that I experienced whilst there, it was not one that I could respond to in any kind of way that I felt was a real answer to what i’d experienced there. The main emotion I think i felt in response to the instillation was anger and disgust. Anger and disgust against human capacity to be hurtful and spiteful whilst so easily attaching our most vulgar instincts to pride, grandiose symbolism, and higher meanings.

I left the museum feeling very emotionally tired.

I think I must have drawn this in my tiny sketchbook on the U-Bahn or at a cafe the next day. I look at it as a very dry cartoon warping the story of Abraham into a minor socially awkward converstation between himself and God. In the cartoon God has better things to do than to tell people to murder their children. It is only hideously flawed people that would want a God that asked that of them.

I upload this today because a few months ago my rucksack was stolen on a Tuesday night in Cardiff. In it were three sketchbooks, filled with drawings that I never scanned or photographed. All skechbooks have my full name written on them and there were also a number of my business cards in the bag so It’s my hope that it will one day make it back to me but until then; finding this scan (on my old laptop) of one of my lost tiny cartoons made me want to stick it on the internet for safe keepings.


Awkward solar system – sketchbook drawing

sun moon awkward.jpg

The moon bumps into the sun. The moon knows that the sun knows the moon’s boss, is maybe the boss of the moon’s boss. But the moon doesn’t think the sun is the boss of the moon so it doesn’t really know what etiquette it’s supposed to follow.

Bargoed Miracle: Online Graphic Novel

‘Nobody expected Jesus to rock up in Bargoed. He arrived one friday night dressed in a Wales shirt’
A man carrying a halo walks into Bargoed. An observant beggar sits on the highstreet. Mrs Hargreeves is stressing out trying to get her seven kids home from the shop. Cato is chopping garlic in his shed with an eye on the armageddon clock.
Tomorrow, the world’s media will come to town to find out what went down.

‘The Bargoed Miracle’, a graphic novel I was hired to illustrate over the winter by Literature Wales, who instigated the project alongside Caerphilly Arts Development.

Link to online version posted by South Wales Literature here:


And the following images are edits of some of my favourite pages




It was a brilliant experience to get to work on visualising such a unique (and bizarre) story and to work with the writing group at the Innovative Project in Rhymney, and witness the energy of writer/perfomer Mike Church.

The Bargoed Miracle written by: Mike Church, Mcauley wheeton, Alisha Michael, Angharad Price, dylan Reynolds, Jake James, Keiron Connick, Callum Thomas, John Goddard, Myomi Clear, India Davies, Corey Emmot, and Libbie Jones.